Raising awareness

Apfelschule designs and supervises workshops for institutions, companies and organisations seeking to raise awareness for digital inclusion. On this page we present some of our past projects.

  • Swisslos

    Logo: Swisslos.

    The Swisslos Intercantonal Lottery Cooperative offers lotteries and sports betting on behalf of the cantons. As part of a digital day, the Apfelschule sensitized the Swisslos team in the field of digital accessibility.

  • Gridonic

    Logo: Gridonic.

    To gain a better understanding of accessibility issues, the Apfelschule conducted an sensitization and training lecture on the topic of digital accessibility and assistive technologies on behalf of the digital agency Gridonic.

  • Technorama

    Logo: Technorama.

    The Swiss Science Center Technorama enables visitors to experience phenomena from nature and technology in a playful way. Inclusion, diversity and accessibility are fundamental concerns. The Apfelschule supports Technorama with expertise, workshops and training in the field of digital accessibility.

  • SwissRe

    Logo: Swiss Re.

    For this client, Apfelschule succeeded in sensitizing employees of Swiss Re regarding accessibility on the internet on computers and mobile devices. In addition, Apfelschule provided insight into the different operating aids of smartphones.