The Apfelschule

Apfelschule has been running courses for people who are visually impaired or blind since 2012 and was organised as an association in July 2016. The aim of Apfelschule is to promote inclusion of people who are blind or visually impaired though smart technologies and thus enabling them to live more independently and autonomously.

Initially, Apfelschule meetings took place in small groups at various different locations. Gradually, demand grew and so did the number of events. Today, the Apfelschule Association organises around 100 events in German- and French-speaking Switzerland and trains almost 550 people every year. The Apfelschule Association currently has more than 300 members.

The Apfelschule adheres to the peer-to-peer concept. Blind people teach blind people and visually impaired trainers instruct visually impaired trainees. Our trainers are proficient users of different combinations of various assistance techniques to optimize their personal efficiency.

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